Neopost are one the world’s leading franking machine manufacturers and they are Europe’s number one franking machine manufacturer and supplier. As well as franking machines, Franking Machines Scotland can inform you that Neopost also manufacture and sell their own folding inserting machines, letter opening machines, franking machine consumables and many software and online services. Neopost supply the world their products from their headquarters in Bagneux, France.

They don’t just have headquarters here, Neopost have many subsidiary offices scattered around the world, and this is how they can supply the world with their franking machines and various mail room products. Franking Machines Scotland can offer you low cost Quotes for a Neopost machine, simply visit our home page. Neopost also have subsidiaries in: Canada, the UK, the USA, Ireland, Australia and Germany.


Neopost have been manufacturing postage meters and mail room equipment since 1924, when they set up their business in the UK. In 1935, the Neopost brand name was created in the UK, and this is what they are commonly referred to as today. Since then, Neopost have hit the franking machine industry by storm, and now supply to hundreds of thousands of customers a year. They have only been able to do this by taking over and acquiring many different companies so they could dominate the market. Franking Machines Scotland knows that they have acquired many businesses over the years, and they are:

• SMH Adrez (France)
• Friden (USA)
• Roneo (UK)
• Hadewe (Netherlands)
• Alcatel (France)
• Stilow (Germany)
• Hasler (Switzerland)
• BTA Digital Works
• Satori Software
• Kontur Documents Systems (Suède)
• Scani (Denmark)
• GBC (Australia)
• GMC (Switzerland)

Franking Machines

All of these companies were taken over by Neopost since 1970, and this has helped them massively to become one of the world’s leading franking machine manufacturers. 90 years after the beginning of Neopost, Neopost now sell many different franking machines to the world, including machines in Scotland, many of which you can get a quote for from the Franking Machines Scotland home page. Neopost supply and manufacture many different franking machines, ranging from their low volume franking machines, such as the IJ25, and high volume franking machines, such as the IS480. For a full list of Neopost franking machines, view them below:

• IJ25 / IJ25E / Autostamp
• IJ30 / IJ35 / IJ40 / IJ45 / IJ50
• IJ65 / IJ70 / IJ75 / IJ80 / IJ85
• IS240 / IS-240 / IS280 / IS-280 / Autostamp 2 (Mailmark)
• IS330 / IS-330 / IS350 / IS-350 (Mailmark)
• IS420 / IS-420 / IS440 / IS-440 (Mailmark)
• IS460 / IS-460 / IS480 / IS-480 (Mailmark)
• SM22 / SM26

All of the above machines are the most recent and current franking machine available to buy from Neopost. If you would like a quote for a similar machine, contact Franking Machines Scotland. We can save you money on your franking machines.

If you would like a franking machine at a low price, then go to Franking Machines Scotland as we can save you money. Franking Machines Scotland can supply you with a low cost franking machine, and they do this for many Scotland businesses. As well as this, Franking Machines Scotland are from the UK’s favourite franking machine supplier, Mailcoms, and so you can trust us to offer you a reasonable quote for a franking machine.

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